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LUYG! 6/13 Results

June 17, 2009

We had a pretty good turnout for this past LUYG! tourney, 13 players entry.

And without further-a-due, here is the final match of the Grand Finals between the former champ N8 vs. the newcomer Bumjin.

The top four placers consist of:
1) Bumjin [Steve/Devil Jin/Kazuya]
2) N8 [Baek]
3) Shadow [Raven/Yoshi/Bryan]
4) BananaDeepThroat [Xiaoyu]

To view all the videos from this tourney please check out SuperArcadeBox‘s youtube channel.

TRUE!, a local Socal player also brought up an interesting idea. I’ll call this the “veteran’s challenge.” This is where we have any player from the LUYG! tourney try and go up against one of the veteran players in a first-to-3 wins set. If they win, they get free entrance fee to a big boy tournament, if they lose they get to review their vids and analyze what they did wrong. This can also be found in the same playlist that I’ve linked above. 🙂


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