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Avoiding the Puddle Episode #6

August 21, 2010

Unfortunately there isn’t a guest for this episode of Avoiding the Puddle, but nevertheless we bring to you another entertaining episode. We cover such topics as SBO Qualifiers, importance of balance in a fighting game, and more!

For any suggestions on topics you guys would like Aris and MYK to cover, send them to:





MP3 – 39:10 – 35.9 MB

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  1. Economical permalink
    September 2, 2010 8:13 am

    Great, specially the qualifiers part. Those facts brought me some happy memories of crap tournaments.
    Now looks like they did a pirate version of the JailBreak, what’s funny to see it’s their company telling people to buy the original one. This one is focused in homebrews (who they think they’re fooling lol). I wanted to post it here but it’s in portuguese (I’m from Brazil) and won’t help you in anything =D
    Tier-b*tches are a pain, people that focus too much on tiers miss to enjoy the game to the fullest. C’mon, this is Tekken, not pokemon! Sometimes you see some characters that people don’t give a sh*t and someone discovers something marvelous about it, so the tier changes. Nice part about “an extension of yourself” Aris, really well tought.

    Anyways, that’s bad, no guest this time. S*** happens, but anyways great podcast as always.


  1. TENNESSEE THREAD: Closed on Saturdays

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