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Avoiding the Puddle Episode #11 featuring ATL_Hoa!

November 15, 2010

For anyone that has watched the stream of the finale for MLG Dallas, then you should know that ATL_Hoa came out of no where and dominated with Jack-6. In this episode, we were able to get ATL_Hoa aka Anakin to come on and talk about his MLG Dallas experience. Before we talk with the unknown American hero, Aris and MYK sit down and shoot the sh*t. They recap the MLG Dallas event in depth, the new TAG2 footage, and more!

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  1. Mishimastyle permalink
    November 20, 2010 11:39 pm

    Yah im totally from oklahoma, not san antonio.

  2. Forest permalink
    November 21, 2010 1:26 am

    Combo breakers in the new Tekkens would SUCK! Harada, do not add that crappy element into my Tekken! Tekken not flashy? Tekken is the flashiest 3-D fighter. It has a spark that lights up the screen when there is a big hit, and rage makes a big flash. People are too used to seeing fireballs in the screen is all, and the Mega Optic Blast from Cyclops in MVC2. Kamehameha in Tekken? Uh, no. Fuck what Nin said. Except about the frame data, he is right about that.

    • Roncock permalink
      November 21, 2010 6:12 am

      As long as we keep saying our negative reactions about the combo breaker possibility, I don’t think it’s likely they will incorporate that into the game. Namco has already pretty much established in many indirect ways that their strategy with TTT2 is that it will be developed according to what fans want. I mean what were players demanding before the game was announced? A new Tag-game, better practice mode, Jun etc. and all of them have been more or less confirmed. The combo breaker was just merely an suggestion and I’m sure they won’t go into that after they’ve heard what fans think about that.

  3. November 22, 2010 3:42 am

    Re: Pot splitting in MLG/throwing matches

    This matters more in MLG because there are season points at stake. Season points can get you seeded as a “Pro Player” to get stipends for travel or even into the Championship Bracket of the FINALS (which is HUGE obviously). For this reason, its much worse in MLG because rigging matches etc affects other players chances of getting money for the season, not just the single tournament.

  4. rinoH permalink
    November 22, 2010 10:18 pm

    Question for Aris:
    Who was your mentor? You always bring it up in the interviews so I was wondering who was yours unless I missed it in one of the earlier podcasts

  5. raybonekilla permalink
    November 23, 2010 1:00 pm

    i KNEW i could get a rise outta ya 🙂

  6. Farpenoodle permalink
    November 24, 2010 8:53 am

    Hey Aris,

    You’ve got a great show even though I don’t play much Tekken.

    Regarding the SC/Tekken crossover thing:

    As a fighting game player with his roots in Soul Calibur 2, I can maybe share some insight. I’m definitely not top but I’ve taken part in SC4 at Cannes 2010 as a part of Team Singapore. (I believe you’ve played with Shen Yuan in SC4.) That said, I’m also certainly not representative of all SC players.

    In order to stave off flames, I might have to preface this by saying that I respect that the game needs a lot of skill to play and occasionally enjoy watching videos. All 3D fighters essentially work off the similar principles after all. SC especially shares the most with Tekken. There are actually quite a number of reasons I don’t really play Tekken but I’ll stick with the Gameplay related ones.

    For myself, the single biggest issue is the controls. Tekken to me has some of the most unintuitive controls in a fighting game. Especially for someone coming from a Calibur background. Even after I managed to get myself to a level where I can beat most of the players at the arcade, I felt like more than anything I was struggling against the controls. It’s definitely not an issue of holding back to block either since I play a ton of 2D fighters. Pretty much no other game with a decent scene gives me the same feeling of playing through mud.

    The other big issue for me, was the amount of move memorisation I felt I had to do. There are a lot of characters in Tekken with confusing strings. Even ten-hit strings bother me. I can be winning a match and then the guy busts out a random ten-hit string. It’s extremely aggravating to lose to something so scrubby because you don’t have a clue what you’re supposed to do against it. Sure it’s not exactly hard to learn to counter but multiply this by the insane amount of characters in the game and it’s definitely not something I like to look forward to.

    So yeah, I guess you could say that Tekken was a game that I felt would take far too much effort to play at a high level and would take away from my time enjoying other games. And considering I wasn’t enjoying myself much even when I was winning, it was a no brainer to move on to other games which I know I’d enjoy more anyway.

    In all, I think the reason Tekken players have an easier time getting good in Soul Calibur is because the fundamentals in both games are essentially the same, but adjusting to Soul Calibur is far easier than adjusting to Tekken.

    I also think SC players who want to play another 3D fighter at high level will tend to gravitate towards VF because control wise it’s relatively similar. While there are also some string memorisation issues in VF as well, the smaller roster helps a great deal with this. The strings also tend to be less confusing overall.

    All that said, I’m definitely still looking forward to Tekken Tag 2 and I’m hoping I’ll have enough fun with it for me to look past my issues with the game.

    Once again you have a great show and I look forward to hearing more!

    • Via_negativa permalink
      November 26, 2010 3:52 am

      Different Strokes for different folks I guess. I have the exact feeling you do when I play SC. I hate having to press a button to block and the attack system just doesn’t mesh with me.

      This is an interesting observation for me, because I personally think the Tekken system is just about perfect. One button for each limb, it just makes sense. It’s very intuitive to me, where to to the point that when you have the basic mechanics mastered you can actually see the commands for a lot of the moves just by watching the character.

  7. arro permalink
    November 24, 2010 2:08 pm

    Who took the two iamtekken hosts out of the tournament in Dallas?

    • November 26, 2010 12:44 pm

      I lost to AV2K and Bronson and placed 13th or 15th or something. I dont know about MYK.

  8. Baer permalink
    November 26, 2010 4:41 pm

    LMAO real law the biggest bitch he says it in such a nice guy way

  9. k.d.e permalink
    November 30, 2010 9:55 am

    im hella late on the new episode =_= i just listened to it, but good shit again! oh aris mind telling me the name of the band and song of the intro on this episode?

    • Aris permalink
      November 30, 2010 10:36 am

      Sonata Arctica , Wolf and Raven

  10. Roncock permalink
    December 3, 2010 4:52 am

    Hey Aris, I would like to know what do you think about the balance of cast in Tekken, SF, VF and BlazBlue.

    • Neels permalink
      December 4, 2010 5:37 pm

      Aris doesn’t know anything about VF and judging by his previous comments I don’t think he’d have followed Blazblue. I would think that VF as a series is the most balanced out there and Ryan Hart who knows all of those series at a high level (apart from BB) has said VF’s balance is 1 of the reasons he likes it best. There’ve been major tournaments won with bottom tier characters in VF.
      BB has been notoriously bad when it comes to balance but it’s something their doing a lot of work on. To be fair on Tekken it does have a much larger cast. T6BR (38 characters) and KOF 2002UM (around 60 characters) are probably the most balanced of the games with a massive cast.

      • Aris permalink
        December 6, 2010 1:34 am

        This is def true, i dont know enough about the new VF games to have an opinion. But i hear BB is mad unbalanced.

  11. lulz permalink
    December 5, 2010 3:26 am

    it is popular to argue longer sets are a better indicator of skill, but given the context, its not a reasonable claim. no one wants to see two guys play first to a million; youre going to have to arbitrarily put an end to the set at some point. but whos to say if it didnt go longer, the tables wouldnt turn repeatedly? people need to go in prepared and make what opportunities they have count. whether it be one match, two, etc. wanting longer sets reminds me of losers demanding do-overs. just accept defeat and be better prepared next time.

  12. The Invincible permalink
    December 9, 2010 9:18 am

    What’s the title of Anakin’s intro song?

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